My name is Guillaume, I am 32 years old, born in France. I worked about 10 years in web development in France and Luxembourg. I quit my job, sold all mystuff and started to travel in Asia, since now 18 months.
I crossed Russia by train, stayed 6 months in Japan, almost get married there! But decided it was too soon for me to settle down again. I had so many things to learn, to experience…
At the beginning of the travel, my goal was to discover: how people live, what are their dreams, their fears. How they experience Life. Meet a lot of people, have fun, feel free.
Then slowly I realized how lucky I was to have this freedom. So I decided to use this time more wisely.

Why you do what you do
Since about 6 months, the goals of the travel have changed. I have choosed to invest this precious time to learn and practice things that really make sense to me. I learned Thai Yoga Massage during one month in a school in Chiang Mai, took my initiation of Reiki, practice more seriously Yoga, especially since I am in India. I also met Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal, where I stayed 3 months, in Kopan Monastery, near Kathmandu. This spiritual practice is now important in my Life, as it gives me efficient ways to understand and develop my mind. I met amazing teachers, both in Nepal and India. This gives me new perspectives and an outline to follow, making my life meaningful.
The goal of all of these practices, which perfectly match in a mind / body approach, is to transform myself, to become happier, in harmony with the whole world. And then be able to share this joy with all others.

Point of change
When I turned 30, something from inside asked strongly for a change, a big change. I had at this time a lot of things that we consider causes of happiness: health, well paid job, lot of holidays, no stress at work, friends and girlfriend, fancy car… I knew I was lucky because a lot majority of people on this earth does not experience these life conditions. But inside, I was feeling empty. I needed meaning, connection with something bigger. I was hesitating to quit my job, my golden prison. And then this though came to me; “Life is Game”. Suddenly, I felt lighter, confident… I realized that the most precious thing in life is our Time, and how we use it. Then I asked to myself, what do you really want to do now, what does make sense? And being free, travel, loose myself to find who I am, was the answer. From that point, everything became easy…

What do I like in my new Life, what are the projects?
I like my freedom. I know I can still be freer, more in peace, in joy. And I would d like to help people realize that all of us disserve that. I like to stay open to every possibility and becoming more aware of my intuitions, which brings me to right places at the right time, meeting amazing people, with who I have often such a deep connection. I like that fact that I am responsible for my happiness, so there is no time to blame the outside world. I see that every challenging situation is an opportunity to grow. Unpleasant situations happening again and again are a sign that we have to understand something, a weakness to let go, an injury to heal.

In a short term, I want to continue this beautiful path of learning, which is very new to me for now.
I am like a student again, but this time I choose when, where and what I want to learn. I need to develop these new skills, and let go my old limitating patterns.
Then I would like to create a place, a kind of peaceful oasis, where people could come, heal, learn how to be deeply happy. Also maybe write. Whatever form it will take, I want to do it with the intention to benefits others.

Advises for people
Take some time to decide what you REALLY want to do with your Life. If you continue to do the same things, nothing new will come to you. So change your habits, meet new people, go to new places, start new activities. Try to not stick with “it is impossible or you cannot” people, take some distance from mainstream media, which make us busy with idle stuff, angry and anxious focusing on only dark events of our world.
Find inspiration from people who live the life you would like to live. Read positive thinking, life changing books and practice mindfulness.
Imagine yourself on your dead bed, and ask yourself: did I live the life I wanted?

Enjoy the ride.

A few advised reading
The art of Happiness, Dalai lama
The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma
The Power of Now, Ekart Tolle
The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfiled
L’apprentissage du Bonheur, Tal Ben Sahar

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